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Shows how good your voice work is!

You know, this is the third time I've tried to write this review. First I was going to give a 6 because it lacked any animation, despite the audio being great, but then I realised if it makes you laugh, it's funny and deserves a high mark regardless of animation. It worked great, and really shows off your vocal talent. Well done!

Nice visuals only partly make up for sub-par jokes

It just wasn't funny. The pacing was all wrong, with too many frequent pauses. I'm not saying you should be like egoraptor, throwing the jokes out every second, but you need to speed it up between transitions of scenes.

Also, the Navi voice actor isn't that great - every line sounded too sarcastic all the time. The animation is not the best, but it's damn good - the anime moments kinda ruin it for me as I don't find anime funny at all.

I was hoping to see an improvement over last time, but the same problems remain. With the overwhelmingly popular response, it's likely this review won't change anything, but I'd suggest finding a professional writer (or someone with a bit more experience) to write the dialogue, and then you could tweak the pacing yourself - the animation is already at a good level.

I'm not going to be blinded by the Zelda name on the front - it was an average flash in terms of story, pacing and laughs. Not bad, but not awesome, either. Better luck next time.

Too much of a coincidence.

If it had been done before a year ago, you should have researched before hand and then just done something else - this is virtually identical to the video version, only not as good. Once a joke has been told once, you don't need to say it again or it loses its comic value. Number 1 in the flash page is a joke... it had below average animation and voice work and stole a joke over a year old (either that or you were incredibly lazy when researching other such videos).

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New and fresh

I really like this. Though not a flash it has flash elements and great interactivity. Perhaps have alternative endings rather than just one main path and "you died" for all of the others. I felt forced to go only through one path, and it was a little slow, but it entertained me.

A good attempt at recreating windows...

Love the jokes in it and it's the most interactive flash game i've seen. If you can get the clock working, which is pretty good, perhaps you can get something like the browser with a favourites menu, and have some of the tabs working too? It's a bit limited in functionality but it does sound authentic.

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The echo is overdone a bit

Brings back memories though - thanks for that :D

Oh cool!

I just uploaded a remix of this tune :p

Anyway - I love it when the bass kicks in in this song. The song is a good tribute to the original!

Also, whereabouts is it in the first game? I've only heard it in the pause menu of the second (because that's the only one I've played).

Cosmos8942 responds:

Yep, I have listened to your remix of this particular song and though the heavy set instrument samples and VSTs that you used arn't my particular favorite I liked it well enough. It wasn't bad ^^.

Oh, and that isn't bass persay as it really doesn't have any 'kick' to it...so I dunno ;p.

I do not know where this is in the first game any longer, I have been told it is here, over there, someone right over there, and beyond the yonder...I simply do not know anymore. I will have to play the game again to find out.

Hope to hear more from you,

Just... awesome :D

I love the switch from 8-bit retro to some awesome rocking tune :D Sounds amazing all the way through - congrats!

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks man :)

Wow it's me. Wow.

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