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The echo is overdone a bit

Brings back memories though - thanks for that :D

Oh cool!

I just uploaded a remix of this tune :p

Anyway - I love it when the bass kicks in in this song. The song is a good tribute to the original!

Also, whereabouts is it in the first game? I've only heard it in the pause menu of the second (because that's the only one I've played).

Cosmos8942 responds:

Yep, I have listened to your remix of this particular song and though the heavy set instrument samples and VSTs that you used arn't my particular favorite I liked it well enough. It wasn't bad ^^.

Oh, and that isn't bass persay as it really doesn't have any 'kick' to it...so I dunno ;p.

I do not know where this is in the first game any longer, I have been told it is here, over there, someone right over there, and beyond the yonder...I simply do not know anymore. I will have to play the game again to find out.

Hope to hear more from you,

Just... awesome :D

I love the switch from 8-bit retro to some awesome rocking tune :D Sounds amazing all the way through - congrats!

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks man :)

Supermarket music...

Sorry, but that's what it reminds me of. Just a bit light for rock, but it was a good effort.

Nightwasp responds:

Thanks. greatly appreciated

Epic, but.. unfinished?!?!

Reminds me of one of the tunes of ff12, probably why I liked it. Very epic!

Words don't do justice

That was just... epic

LOL heard in 120 entries

120 entries is truly epic... congrats XD

Simply amazing...

One of my favourites on newgrounds - I really can't say anything more than it's amazing! But, I have to know: what software did you use? All my ff mixes seem to sound clearly unprofessional compared to this... I want to be able to make a masterpiece like this!

NemesisTheory responds:

FL Studio 7, mate.

But the software used means nothing most of the time, it's all about the instruments and plugins. The better your library of tools at your disposal, the better the quality of your stuff when mixed correctly!

One word: Epic

It sounds like it belongs in a fantasy movie. It's professionally made and sounds like a proper orchestra playing - what software did you use to make this? It really does sound incredible!

NickPerrin responds:

EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold Pro XP is the software used. Glad you enjoyed it! It's part of an album with more to come!

Quite clearly sampled...

One of the samples I heard was in the other piece you 'made', showing you didn't actually make any of this and it's made from premade samples. It's a shame, it has a funky ratchet and clank sound to it, but due to the fact you made NONE of it and just stuck bits of other people's work, i'm going to have to rate it 3

Wow it's me. Wow.

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